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When You Inherit an Estate

Hello, my name is Jacob Langston. My father passed away two years ago, and I inherited his entire estate. Dad was a great guy, but he sure did have a lot of stuff. He lived in a large home, and I honestly don’t think he changed a thing since my mother died twelve years before him. I couldn't afford to keep the house, so selling it was one of the first things I had to take care of. I was at a loss for what to do with all the belongings inside. I had to start moving things out in order to get the house ready to sell. Once it sold, I had to move the rest out. I hired a moving and storage company to help with this daunting task, and am I glad I did. Stay tuned as I share this adventure with you!



When You Inherit an Estate

Storing A Car For Your Teen Driver

by Stacy Robertson

If you have a teenager approaching the driving age, you are probably beginning to think about what you are going to do about getting your teen a car. If you find a good deal on a car several weeks before your teen is ready to drive, don't let it pass you by.

Have you thought about using a self-storage facility to store your teen's car? Self-storage facilities can be a great solution to the problem of not having anywhere to keep the car until it is needed. Below, you will learn what to do to preserve and protect the car until you are ready to present it to your teen:

Change the Oil

Before you store a car for a few months, you should have the oil changed. This will remove the buildup, acid and moisture out of the system, which will prevent corrosion of the lines and internal components of the car.

Fill the Gas Tank

Why would you fill a gas tank that is just going to sit there? Again, it is to prevent condensation from corroding the components of the vehicle.

Tip: If the car will be sitting in storage for longer than a few months, add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. This will help prevent the fuel from breaking down as it sits.

Keep the Battery Charged

After months of sitting, an auto battery can die. To prevent this, connect a battery tender to the battery while it's in storage. This will help to maintain a full charge so that the battery will remain in perfect condition.

Tip: If the storage facility does not have electrical outlets available to operate the tender, remove the battery from the car and take it home with you to connect to the tender.

Remove the Tires

If the car will be stored for several months, remove the tires from the vehicle. Jack the vehicle up and place jacks under each tire. Remove the tires and set them on the ground on the sides. This will relieve the pressure on the tires and help avoid dry rot and damaged tires.

Prevent Rodent Issues

If the car will be stored for months, purchase some rodent poison to place in the storage unit. Place poison under the car to try to stop the rodents from chewing on wires and digging into the interior of the car.

These steps will help to keep the car in great condition while it is kept in storage. To learn more, contact a company like The Storehouse Watertown with any questions you have.