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When You Inherit an Estate

Hello, my name is Jacob Langston. My father passed away two years ago, and I inherited his entire estate. Dad was a great guy, but he sure did have a lot of stuff. He lived in a large home, and I honestly don’t think he changed a thing since my mother died twelve years before him. I couldn't afford to keep the house, so selling it was one of the first things I had to take care of. I was at a loss for what to do with all the belongings inside. I had to start moving things out in order to get the house ready to sell. Once it sold, I had to move the rest out. I hired a moving and storage company to help with this daunting task, and am I glad I did. Stay tuned as I share this adventure with you!



When You Inherit an Estate

Self Storage Can Help You Run A More Organized Business

by Stacy Robertson

The business that remains organized operates smoother and with fewer unwanted incidents like lost documents or missing customer orders. For many small businesses, space may not be an option in the workplace for storing sensitive items like employee data and other documentation. You may have a great need for additional storage space at your place of business for larger items like furniture or machinery. Without successful storage solutions in place, you run the risk of your business becoming disorganized, slow and unprofitable. Find out more about how self storage units can help you maintain beneficial organization in your business.

Backing Up Your Digital Document Storage

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your digitally stored data is having hard copy backing it up. However, if you are low on storage space in your workplace, you may have put off making hard copy backup for your stored digital data. Make hard copies right away and rent a self storage unit for storing them. You can get small units that would make the perfect choice for your company documents. Remember to always store any kind of important documentation in locked, fire and waterproof metal boxes for providing a higher level of security.

No Conference Room? Think Self Storage Unit

Making strides in your business and growing bigger usually includes you meeting with other business owners or customers. In some cases, you may have a group of people that need to be at one meeting at your workplace. If you worry about space, you might think of how you could have a meeting in a self storage unit. Consider discussing your options for a large storage unit and if the management would allow you having occasional business meetings at your unit.

Have You Downsized Due To Economic Factors?

The economy today has greatly affected many large and small businesses. If you are one of those businesses, you may have a huge need for additional storage space. If you have moved your business into a small building, you may need to store property like office furniture and machinery. The money you spend on a storage unit is certainly worthwhile, especially when business picks back up and you move back into a larger building.

Knowing you have all your property in a safe place is a good feeling when you move into another building. Keep in mind the benefits of storing your company property rather than selling it. If your business picks back up and you start earning more money, you certainly do not want to spend on replacing the property you sold when business was slow. Doing so could mean you spending a great deal more money than what you have spent on a storage facility for a little while. Click here for more information.