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2 Reasons To Hire An International Mover

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Moving to a new country can easily be one of the most frightening and stressful types of moves that you can experience, mostly because of how difficult and time-consuming it can be. However, there are moving companies out there that specialize in international moves that can make the whole process quite a bit better for you. Listed below are two reasons to hire an international mover. Can Give You An Idea Of What Is Worth Taking One of the biggest reasons to hire an international mover is that they can give you a pretty good idea as to what items you have that are worth taking. This is very important because there are going to be situations where some of your property is simply not going to be worth the expense of transporting to a new country, nor will they be worth the hassle that you could run into at the border. For example, some of the items that you are taking may end up being banned or restricted in the country that you are moving to, at which point you will either have to surrender them or pay a fine or fee in order to get them into the country. However, when you hire an international mover, they will ask for a complete list of all of the items that you are taking in order to help you avoid the aforementioned issues. The mover will then go through the list and point out which items may be restricted in the country you are going to, which items may require an additional payment in order to get them into the destination country, and which items are just going to be very expensive to move. With that information on hand, you are then able to look through the property and decide which items would be better left behind, sold, or simply given away in order to simplify your move and save a lot of money. Will Handle All Of The Appropriate Paperwork Another reason to hire an international mover is the fact that they will be able to handle all of the appropriate paperwork for your property. This is one of the most important reasons to hire an international mover because the paperwork to transport certain items across the border can vary quite a bit due to different customs regulations and laws that each country has. However, the international mover will take the time to determine exactly what paperwork you need in order to move your property quickly and efficiently without having it stopped at the border for weeks or months due to not having the correct forms filled out or missing the forms entirely. Speak with an international mover today to discuss how they may be able to help you when it comes to moving to a new country and the various services that they can provide. Hiring an international mover when moving to a new country is a great option because it can give you an idea of what is worth taking while also handling all of the appropriate paperwork for the move. Contact a company like Father & Son Moving & Storage to get...

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Tips For Storing Mirrors Long-Term

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If you are planning on moving temporarily or simply have too much stuff, you likely will have to get a storage unit to store your personal items for an extended period of time. You might feel very confident in your ability to cram as much stuff as possible into your storage unit due to your superior spatial skills. However, you might not feel equipped to store your mirrors without accidentally breaking them. You might have spent a lot of money on your mirrors and the last thing you want to do is accidentally break them, incur the fabled seven years of bad luck, and then have to shell out the money to replace them. Here are some tips for storing your mirrors long-term without breaking them. 1. Invest in Bubble Wrap Purchase bubble wrap online or from a store that specializes in shipping. To use the bubble wrap, take a piece of blue painter’s tape and attach one end of the roll of bubble wrap to the back of the mirror in approximately the center. This will provide the tape enough support to keep the bubble wrap in place. Wrap the bubble wrap around each mirror twice so that every part of the mirror is covered in at least two layers of protection. When you’ve wrapped it, carefully cut the bubble wrap so that you don’t pop the bubbles at the end and tape the end to whichever edge of the mirror makes the most sense. You will be able to get better leverage for the tape. If the tape is not sticking enough, switch to masking tape. 2. Use a Box That Fits the Mirror Once you have the mirror covered in bubble wrap, take the measurements for width, length, and height. Go to a store and purchase a box that will fit these dimensions as closely as possible. Place the mirror into the box. 3. Store the Mirror Finally, save the mirror for last when storing anything in your unit. This is because, by waiting until the very end to store your mirrors, you will reduce the chances that you store anything on top of them. Place the mirrors so that they are vertical and leaning against something for support to further keep yourself from accidentally putting anything on top of your mirrors. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in self storage, such as Foothills Storage. They might have special boxes that are specifically designed for mirrors that will be able to protect the mirror...

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Are You Wheelchair-Bound? 4 Ways To Get Help With Moving To Another Home

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While you may have to rely on a wheelchair for getting around, you can still do many things. If you are planning a move in the near future, you must find the right balance of tasks for yourself. You should be able to handle most of the decisions regarding the move, but the physical labor can be a slight issue. It is important to rely on professional movers throughout several stages of the move. Ideally, you should find out exactly how you can use a moving company to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable move. Dispose of Unwanted Things It is normally the person moving that takes responsibility for disposing of items, whether it involves trashing, recycling, donating, or selling. While you can take care of selling things by taking pictures, creating ads online, and having people come over to buy the items, the rest you can rely on movers. You can do research on what electronics you can recycle, or you can let movers handle the process. Since movers see thousands of items in a variety of conditions, they are sure to know what can be donated. If you are having a hard time moving on from things, you can always start with a set of guidelines that suggests things like non-functional furniture, expired items, and unnecessary paperwork should go. Packing Your Items Although you could go through each room and pack some things on your own, you should avoid putting yourself at risk of injury and let professionals handle this process. It is best to create a long list of things that you want to keep and items that you are getting rid of to optimize the speed of the packing. A thorough checklist will prevent your belongings from getting mixed up and put in the wrong pile. Loading and Unloading Another part that you will want to get help with is loading and unloading. Fortunately, since you will have already had movers do the packing for you, this process will end up being quick and pain-free. By working closely with professionals throughout the packing phase, they should know where each box should go. Unpacking Your Possessions The final step that many people do not take advantage of is unpacking the possessions. This will prevent you from having to go through the trouble of organizing everything on your own. You can have furniture assembled, electronics set up, and all of your kitchen items put into the right cabinets and drawers. With thorough planning and help from movers (such as those from Advanced Movers), your wheelchair will not inconvenience your move at...

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How To Store Musical Instruments In A Self-Storage Unit

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When you are planning on storing items in a self-storage unit, you need to consider the types of items and what could potentially harm them. With musical instruments, you need to keep them dry, at the right temperature, and off the ground. Here are some tips for storing musical instruments in your storage unit. Choose the Right Storage Unit The type of storage unit and its location matter when you intend to store your musical instruments inside. Since water can be very damaging to the instruments, avoid getting a ground-level storage unit. Even if you keep the instruments in their case and elevated, there is still an increased risk of water damage if there is a major rain and flood in the area. Also choose a storage unit that has climate control, so you can control the temperature and keep the humidity low. High humidity is also damaging to musical instruments. Use Their Original Case If you have the original case for your musical instruments, that is the best way to store it. It fits your instrument perfectly and is built to protect it from the elements. If you don’t have the original case, visit your local music store to see if they have a case your instrument will fit. This is much better than storing it in a plastic storage bin, though that is another option for smaller instruments. Prepare the Instruments Beforehand Before you store the musical instruments in their case or the storage bin, make sure they are properly cleaned first. Remove the mouthpiece or reed and store in a safe place. Disassemble the instrument if that is an option, such as with a clarinet or flute. Condition the instrument with paste wax if the instrument is made of wood or resin. Avoid using a polish that has oil or alcohol if you have a wood instrument. Also remove straps and mutes, and relax the strings if you have a string instrument. Cover Large Instruments For larger instruments that don’t have a case, such as a piano, make sure you cover them properly while in the storage unit. With a piano, covering it with a tarp or sheet will help keep dust off the piano while it is stored. Make sure all instruments are kept off the ground floor of the storage unit. Even with a large item like a piano, you can elevate it from the ground by placing it on wood pallets in the storage unit. If you have concerns that an expensive instrument may become damaged during the storage period, then contact a moving and storage...

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Unloading Excess Costs With 3 Easy Moving Tips

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According to the United States Census Bureau, the average American can expect to move about 11 times throughout their life. Now if you strive to live a simplistic lifestyle with few belongings, this number likely does not sound like a big deal. However, if you are like most people, packing up everything and moving it to a different location at least 11 times, even over a lifetime, will sound like a lot of work and a lot of money. Here are five ways you may be able to cut out excess costs the next time you have to relocate.  1. Go Ahead and Hire Professional Movers – You may think that opting for professional moving services would be an added expense, but when you take a look at what you would typically spend to rent a truck, buy fuel, invest in packing supplies, and make numerous trips to and from your former and new home, professional moving costs are really more of a logical solution. You should expect to pay on average around $1,100 for a professional move within the same state. Trying to do it all on your own could easily rack up a much larger bill.  2. Reduce, Recycle, and Lose Some Weight – Professional moving companies usually charge for the shipment of your items by the weight. So even if you do not mind hauling around all of the extra baggage to a new place, you could save some money by getting rid of everything you don’t need early on. Go ahead and go through those extra seasonal clothes, weed out the broken furniture, and eliminate everything that you are pretty sure you will no longer need.  3. Get Smart About Packing Services – If you choose to opt for professional packing services as part of your move, know that this is an incredibly convenient option and perfectly ideal when you don’t have a lot of time. However, before you go all in and just leave the whole ordeal to the professionals, try to find little ways to save. One of the easiest ways to save is to do what you can to cut the time the packing service will have to spend actually packing your belongings, as most do charge by the hour. Cut time by: having everything organized by room and ready to go in a designated box. packing all small, time-consuming items on your own if you can.  preparing breakables ahead of time with newspaper or bubble wrap.  clearing clutter and trash, and moving bulky furniture items out of the way in advance.  Even though moving may be an almost unavoidable part of life, there are ways that you can save money when it comes to the costs. For more ideas about how to save on your next move, talk to a professional company like Bekins Van Lines Inc for...

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How To Protect Four Fragile Items During Moving

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When moving, it’s important to ensure that your items not only make it to their new home — but also that they make it there without suffering damage. Here’s a look at four items that are often broken or damaged during moving, and how to protect them. Electronics Electronics like televisions and computers have so many breakable components, from glass screens to fragile plastic encasement. If you have the original boxes from electronics, putting them back in the original boxes, complete with the Styrofoam packing or packing peanuts, is your best option. If you do not have the original boxes, wrap your electronics in a thick layer of bubble wrap, wrap tape around the bubble wrap, and pack them into boxes that fit as tightly as possible. Dishes To keep your plates, bowls, and glasses from being chipped or cracked, wrap each one separately in tissue paper. Use several sheets of paper to ensure the items are well padded. Then, stack them in a box, placing the heaviest items on the bottom. Opt for more small boxes rather than few larger boxes, so your moving helpers can set the boxes down more gently. Lamp Shades Since these don’t tend to look fragile, most people don’t use enough caution when packing them, and they end up being bent or smashed. Pack a lamp shade by placing it in its own separate box that fits snugly, but not so tightly that it causes the shade to pinch in on itself. Pour packing peanuts into the center of the shade. This will keep it from folding inwards. Place crumpled up tissue paper around the outside of the lampshade. Don’t use newspaper — the ink may end up on the shade if exposed to humidity. Framed Pictures Usually, it is the picture that really means something, not so much the frame. However, if the glass or frame cracks during moving, it may damage the picture inside. To prevent such tragedies, remove the pictures from your frames and place them neatly in a stiff folder. Pack the frames separately in a box. Wrap each one in bubble wrap, secure it with tape, and stack them in small boxes. Make sure you label boxes that contain any of these items with the word “fragile.” Additionally, consider placing your “fragile” boxes in a separate corner of the room prior to moving, so that when your moving helpers from places like A-1 America’s Best Moving arrive, you can instruct them to handle those specific boxes...

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Two Tips To Help You Save When Hiring A Moving Company

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Although moving is often an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful.  Enlisting the help of a moving company can minimize some of this stress because they assist with the more difficult tasks, such as packing, hauling and unpacking.  However, while you may want to work with a moving company, you may believe that it’s simply not within your budget to do so.  Instead of doing all of the hard work yourself, use this information to learn more about how you can hire a moving company without breaking the bank.     Time Your Move Carefully One of the best ways for you to get an affordable rate when you’re working with a moving company is to time it properly.  Timing a move falls into two categories:  Time of year, and time of month. As it pertains to the time of year, you should avoid moving during the summer months.  Many people tend to move in the summer, whether this is due to children being out of school, or because working professionals simply have some time off from work and want to make the most of it.  Regardless of the reason, moving companies are in high demand during the summer and this could cause the rates to be higher. Instead of moving in the summer, consider moving in the fall or winter.  The demand for moving companies is not as intense, and this could work in your financial favor. When it comes to the best time of the month to move, mid-month is the way to go.  Moving companies likely get an influx of requests for assistance at the beginning and end of each month, as people finish leases and don’t want to pay into another month.  When you move during the middle of the month, you can capitalize on the slower demand and possibly save big. Be Ready To Go Another technique you can use to save money when working with a moving company is to be ready to go once the workers arrive.  This means that if you have tables, bookshelves or other items that must be dissembled, go ahead and take care of that before the moving team shows up at your door.  Doing this saves time, which could add up to major savings for you.  Getting a moving company doesn’t have to break the bank.  The next time you move, use these tips so you can get the assistance of moving professionals (such as those from Wheaton World Wide Moving) even when you’re on a...

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Learn The Benefits Of Using A Storage Unit As A Temporary Garage When Needed

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If your garage has recently become flooded and you are not able to do work on your car in it, consider taking everything to a local storage facility so that you can get the job done. There are many benefits to working on your vehicle in a storage facility when no other space is available. Learn why a storage unit is such a great option for you to use when you need to make repairs on your car. Store Items Securely You can have the car towed to the facility and then lock it in the garage. This ensures that nothing happens to it while it is being stored. It also ensures that all of your tools are not tampered with while they are being stored. Work Anytime of the Day or Night When you rent a storage facility, you can work on your car at your own convenience. The storage facility will be open both day and night so that you can work on your car whenever you have a free moment rather than bending your schedule to fit the hours of operation for somewhere else.  Have Everything You Need Close at Hand You can bring all of your tools to the storage unit so that you can have everything you need when you need it. You can add shelves to the space to store items or just keep them in bins to organize them. Have the Space You Need Storage units are available in many different sizes. This means that you can get one that is tall enough for you to be able to jack up your vehicle on a jack stand or wide enough for you to be able to easily get in and out from under the car. Only Use the Unit for as Long as You Need It Storage facilities typically rent units on a monthly basis. That means that you will not be obligated to keep the storage unit for as long or short a period of time as you need. You will not be obligated to keep the unit for months or years, which makes it ideal for situations when you need to get a job done but cannot do it at home or in a garage. Renting a storage unit does not require you to have perfect credit or to have a ton of money. Most storage facilities require you to pay a security deposit for the unit and the first month’s rent. This cost is often very minimal and far less than you would pay if you just took the car to a mechanic. To learn more, contact a storage unit company like Homestead...

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Self Storage Can Help You Run A More Organized Business

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The business that remains organized operates smoother and with fewer unwanted incidents like lost documents or missing customer orders. For many small businesses, space may not be an option in the workplace for storing sensitive items like employee data and other documentation. You may have a great need for additional storage space at your place of business for larger items like furniture or machinery. Without successful storage solutions in place, you run the risk of your business becoming disorganized, slow and unprofitable. Find out more about how self storage units can help you maintain beneficial organization in your business. Backing Up Your Digital Document Storage One of the most important steps you can take to protect your digitally stored data is having hard copy backing it up. However, if you are low on storage space in your workplace, you may have put off making hard copy backup for your stored digital data. Make hard copies right away and rent a self storage unit for storing them. You can get small units that would make the perfect choice for your company documents. Remember to always store any kind of important documentation in locked, fire and waterproof metal boxes for providing a higher level of security. No Conference Room? Think Self Storage Unit Making strides in your business and growing bigger usually includes you meeting with other business owners or customers. In some cases, you may have a group of people that need to be at one meeting at your workplace. If you worry about space, you might think of how you could have a meeting in a self storage unit. Consider discussing your options for a large storage unit and if the management would allow you having occasional business meetings at your unit. Have You Downsized Due To Economic Factors? The economy today has greatly affected many large and small businesses. If you are one of those businesses, you may have a huge need for additional storage space. If you have moved your business into a small building, you may need to store property like office furniture and machinery. The money you spend on a storage unit is certainly worthwhile, especially when business picks back up and you move back into a larger building. Knowing you have all your property in a safe place is a good feeling when you move into another building. Keep in mind the benefits of storing your company property rather than selling it. If your business picks back up and you start earning more money, you certainly do not want to spend on replacing the property you sold when business was slow. Doing so could mean you spending a great deal more money than what you have spent on a storage facility for a little while. Click here for more...

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Storing A Car For Your Teen Driver

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If you have a teenager approaching the driving age, you are probably beginning to think about what you are going to do about getting your teen a car. If you find a good deal on a car several weeks before your teen is ready to drive, don’t let it pass you by. Have you thought about using a self-storage facility to store your teen’s car? Self-storage facilities can be a great solution to the problem of not having anywhere to keep the car until it is needed. Below, you will learn what to do to preserve and protect the car until you are ready to present it to your teen: Change the Oil Before you store a car for a few months, you should have the oil changed. This will remove the buildup, acid and moisture out of the system, which will prevent corrosion of the lines and internal components of the car. Fill the Gas Tank Why would you fill a gas tank that is just going to sit there? Again, it is to prevent condensation from corroding the components of the vehicle. Tip: If the car will be sitting in storage for longer than a few months, add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. This will help prevent the fuel from breaking down as it sits. Keep the Battery Charged After months of sitting, an auto battery can die. To prevent this, connect a battery tender to the battery while it’s in storage. This will help to maintain a full charge so that the battery will remain in perfect condition. Tip: If the storage facility does not have electrical outlets available to operate the tender, remove the battery from the car and take it home with you to connect to the tender. Remove the Tires If the car will be stored for several months, remove the tires from the vehicle. Jack the vehicle up and place jacks under each tire. Remove the tires and set them on the ground on the sides. This will relieve the pressure on the tires and help avoid dry rot and damaged tires. Prevent Rodent Issues If the car will be stored for months, purchase some rodent poison to place in the storage unit. Place poison under the car to try to stop the rodents from chewing on wires and digging into the interior of the car. These steps will help to keep the car in great condition while it is kept in storage. To learn more, contact a company like The Storehouse Watertown with any questions you...

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